Why Teeth Whitening strips are the next big thing?

MySmile Teeth Whitening Strips stay on teeth easily and come off cleanly. Their no-slip grip design helps the strips stay in place on teeth.

One box provides 14 Pouches, Each Pouch has 2 Strips in it, One for the upper teeth and one for the lower. These best teeth whitening strips are meant to be used once daily for 30 minutes. When used as directed, they’ll remove both extrinsic and intrinsic tooth stains.

Each strip contains around 14 percent hydrogen peroxide. Some people find that their teeth become overly sensitive for hours or days after exposure to hydrogen peroxide.

Whitening strips are easy to use and don’t require a prescription. They’re less expensive than in-office dental procedures for teeth whitening, and they typically produce good results.

How whitening strips work

MySmile Teeth Whitening strips contain a thin layer of hydrogen peroxide or other active ingredient, adhered to a pliable, plastic strip. The active ingredients in whitening strips vary, but many use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Whitening strips bleach off surface stains. They also penetrate tooth enamel and dentin to remove intrinsic stains from deep within the tooth. If not used correctly, they can be harmful to your teeth.

What to look out for

Always check labels for a list of ingredients. Unlike the whitening strips we reviewed for this article, some rely on chlorine dioxide, a chemical oxidizer that can erode tooth enamel and damage teeth.

MySmile Teeth Whitening strips are typically safe to use, as long as you follow package directions. If you leave them on too long or use them more often than recommended, you may experience side effects.

Keep the following in mind when using whitening strips:

  • Avoid chlorine dioxide.
  • Don’t use products for longer or more often than directed.

Common side effects

The most common side effects are discomfort caused by tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

Other potential side effects include:

  • changes in tooth enamel, such as increased roughness or softness
  • erosion of dental restorations, such as fillings
  • damage to braces

MySmile Teeth Whitening Products do work and can be an easy solution for whiter teeth, but you need to know some of the risks with this teeth whitening method before you try it.

If you have extra sensitive teeth and gums, MySmile Teeth Whitening Strips is a great alternative. The enamel-safe formula is specially designed for sensitive teeth and provides a gentler at-home whitening experience. MySmile also has the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

MySmile strips are mold to the shape of your teeth, which helps prevent slipping.You can talk, walk, work, and even drink water while whitening your teeth. 

The kit includes 14 teeth whitening treatments, each with one upper and one lower strip. For best results, apply the strips once a day for 30 minutes.

 MySmile Teeth Whitening  Strips work by pressing on a clear strip of whitening gel against the teeth for several minutes to whiten them.

The strips are made of a plastic material and are coated with adhesive and hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide whitening gel. It takes several minutes for the whitening gel to penetrate the enamel to “bleach” the teeth.

The same ingredients dentists use to whiten teeth are found in these at-home whitening strips but at lower concentrations

 Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are commonly used to whiten teeth. These ingredients are generally safe as long as the peroxide doesn’t contact the sensitive gum tissue.

The carbomer used in MySmile Teeth Whitening Strips (for sticking to the teeth) are generally fairly safe and non-toxic. However, overuse of these products can irritate the gums and damage enamel.

Approval by American Dental Association

MySmile Teeth Whitening Strips is approved by the American Dental Association, and are considered safe when used occasionally and in moderation.

If used incorrectly or too frequently, this product may cause damage to your gums and teeth.

And because of the one-size-fits-all design of these strips, it’s impossible to get a perfect seal and even distribution of the whitening gel on the teeth. This is especially true if there’s any overlap or crowding of the teeth.

There is also the risk of bleaching the gums and irritating them.

A safer method I recommend is using custom whitening trays instead, which are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly to seal the whitening gel evenly on your teeth.

To use MySmile Teeth Whitening Strips,

  1. Do not brush your teeth before using white strips
  2. Cut each strip (upper and lower) to the exact height of your teeth.
  3. Peel of the plastic covering.
  4. Place each strip on your teeth, avoiding the gums.
  5. Leave the strips on your teeth for 15 minutes or less.
  6. Remove the strips.
  7. Rinse your mouth with water.
  8. Wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.
  9. Repeat these steps up to 2 times per day.
  10. Do not exceed the number of days or time recommended.
MySmile Teeth Whitening Strips can stay on the teeth for 30 minutes for faster results.

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